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Get Wilson Gloves to Make Fielding Your Position Easy

Get Wilson Gloves to Make Fielding Your Position Easy

Defense wins championships and in baseball and softball, the constant work you do in the field during practices and drills can be the difference in experiencing success as a team. For every place in the field, you need to have the right glove so you can field your position properly. Wilson gloves are among the best in baseball and softball. With Wilson, you get gloves that fit you properly and give you the comfort to field your position.

There are several different glove styles for each position on the field. It’s important to know what you need based on the position you play so you can have the most optimal glove for fielding your position. We’ll review the things to consider based on what position you are playing in the field.

Catcher - A catcher has one of the most thankless jobs in baseball, catching high-speed pitches, getting hit with foul balls and sometimes the bat from the hitter. To handle the physical demand from catching pitches, the catcher’s mitt has a deeper pocket and is heavily padded while providing a larger target for pitchers.

First Base - The first baseman’s mitt is very different from any other glove used by infielders. It has a deeper pocket and a unique shape that is designed to pick and scoop balls that are thrown into the dirt near first base. Since the first baseman is commonly fielding throws from the other infielders, it gives the rest of the fielders a larger target to throw to and allows the first baseman to have some extra reach to make plays.

Infield - At the rest of the infield positions, infielders will wear smaller and lighter gloves to allow for more fluid motion. Infielders have to be quick on their feet and range in both directions to make plays and then complete the transfer and throw quickly. Infielders that play on the left side of the infield at shortstop and third base have longer gloves that have deeper pockets for increased range while a second baseman will have a shorter glove with a smaller pocket.

Outfield - Outfielder’s gloves are usually longer than the rest of the gloves on the field to allow for increased range. Outfielders wear gloves with deeper pockets so that when they make catches at a high speed on the run or diving, the ball remains in the glove. This is what allows outfielders to make catches over the wall or to reach for fly balls with added extension.

Pitcher - Typically, a pitcher can just use a standard infielder’s glove. A pitcher’s glove is going to be slightly different from others in the field. In order to keep deception from opposing hitters, pitchers will use a glove with a closed web to hide the ball and the grip of the pitch that will be thrown.

Choosing the right glove for your position is the foundation of getting the right glove for you. There are several other things you should consider when choosing a glove.

For younger players in Little League, you may be responsible for playing multiple positions in the field. If this is the case, you want to choose a glove that can accommodate more than one position and find a multi-purpose glove. For positions that require a specific glove, like catcher or first base, you will need a separate glove, but you can choose a glove that works for the other infield positions and outfield positions.

One of your other concerns when buying a glove is finding one that is durable and can last throughout the season. Wilson gloves are a great example of gloves made by a reliable brand that puts durability first. These gloves are often very easy to break in and make completely comfortable so you can get the proper feel from your glove without having it sustain damage easily.

For Wilson gloves and many other gloves from top brands in the game, you want to choose a place that offers a great selection and the best of the best when it comes to products. Choose HB Sports to get all of the equipment you need for the upcoming season.

At HB Sports, you find a wide range of bats, gloves, batting gloves and more that are for sale at affordable prices. You can work one-on-one with our customer service team to get the perfect bat or glove for you based on your needs. It makes it easy to get prepared for the upcoming season with the best equipment to put you in position to have success in your games this season.

So head over to HB Sports today and get your next baseball or softball glove that is durable and versatile and allows you to field your position the way you need to in complete comfort.

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