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First Softball Game? Here Are 13 Items to Pack in Your Softball Backpack

First Softball Game? Here Are 13 Items to Pack in Your Softball Backpack

If you’ve never played in a softball game before, you might be feeling a current rush of excitement– with an unfortunate hint of anxiety.

You’re undeniably hyped up to play, but maybe you’re also worried something going awry. What if you forget something? What if you leave behind a vital piece of gear that you are required to play with, like your bat or helmet, and can’t play? What if you get hurt (minorly) and have no bandages nearby to help?

Most of these issues can be addressed by packing your softball backpack or other bag the night before with everything you need. By consulting our list of softball backpack must-haves, you’ll be ready to hit the diamond– and to shine on it.

1.Fielding Glove
You can’t exactly take the field if you don’t have your fielding glove ready to go when you are! Place your fielding glove in your softball bag– and make sure it is appropriate for your specific role on the diamond.

Are you a catcher? Bring your catcher’s mitt. Are you a first baseman? Bring your first baseman’s glove. Are you a versatile player and play different fielding positions? Bring all the gloves you might need to ensure you aren’t underprepared for any lineup.

2.Your Bat

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How can you expect to hit the ball if you don’t have your offensive weapon with you, your bat? Be sure to bring your bat along with you, as it is ill-advised to let other players share bats (it can greatly diminish the lifespan of your bat) and you may not have a backup to use!

3.Batting Helmet
In most leagues and tournaments, it is illegal for any batter to enter the batter’s box without a helmet on! Some even require cages and chin straps. Be sure to know your specific requirements, have a fitting batting helmet, and put it snuggly in your softball backpack!

4.Batting Gloves
Having the best grip possible for your bat is extremely important for better swings, better contact, and better hits. Supplying yourself with batting gloves just might be the best thing you could do for your softball-playing self (and your batting average).

5.Extra Gear for Your Particular Position
Different positions require different gear, so make sure you have every single piece that your position needs. Catchers, for one example, need a helmet, chest protector, and shin guards while a center fielder sure wouldn’t need any of that for their defensive role! So, if your defensive position calls for it, place it in the bag.

6.Sunglasses and/or a Hat
Is there anything more embarrassing than dropping an easy pop-fly because of the sun being in your eyes? Don’t let that happen. Make sure to bring along your favorite pair of sports sunglasses and/or a hat to block out that blinding sun.

7.Rain Gear
Speaking of weather conditions, it’s not just the sun you should be prepared for but also the rain. Pack a rain jacket and other applicable gear you deem necessary to help combat that cumbersome precipitation.

8.Lots of Water and an Electrolyte Drink
Regardless of if it’s exceptionally hot or if it’s snowing, you should always bring water and an electrolyte drink with you. Water is key for fighting off dehydration and keeping you performing your best. While exercising and sweating, though, you do lose electrolytes. You can easily replace these lost electrolytes with the right drink, like Gatorade or Powerade.

9.Footwear: Your Cleats, Turf Shoes, and/or Slides
It’s no secret that softball requires you to wear cleats when playing outdoors in order to have the best possible traction on the field, including the dirt, mud, and grass. However, when playing on indoor turf, you’ll need to wear turf shoes to have proper foot support.

While you need shoes to play in, you also need shoes to walk off the field with. Bring along a pair of slides or other casual footwear to provide your feet with much-needed relief post-game and so you don’t have to track mud or dirt everywhere else you go afterward!

10.A Dry Towel
When it’s raining outside, you’ll need to undoubtedly make various items dry throughout the game, like your bat, glove, softballs, and even your hands. Bring along a dry towel so you can seamlessly dry wet items and continue to bring your best gameplay.

The sun can certainly be brutal and can cause skin damage if you aren’t properly protected. Pack sunscreen with your desired SPF level and apply when necessary to keep your skin from burning!

12.First Aid Items
It’s almost easier to get hurt in softball than it is to not! Don’t let those minor bumps, cuts, and scrapes stop you from enjoying your game. Place a few key first aid items in your bag, like bandages, gauze, antibiotic ointment, and others. Better safe than sorry!

13.Your Uniform
Do you have a matching uniform with your team? Make sure that you don’t forget any integral parts of your uniform, whether you wear it directly there or not! You’ll need your jersey, hat/visor (if you have one), shorts or pants, and even socks.

When you are looking for the best softball equipment, trust no one else but us here at HbSports to supply you with what you need. We have everything, from softball backpacks and roller bags to bat grip tape and bats. Browse our extensive catalog today and find what you need for your next game!

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