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Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategies

Fantasy Baseball Draft Strategies

Fantasy Baseball is a great way to follow your favorite MLB players and battle it out against your friends, family, and strangers. Those participating in a league pick players across all MLB teams to add to your roster. From there, the individuals on your team rack up points based on their real performances, and you are set in head-to-head matchups against others in your league. Picking players with the best statistical performances is important, but there are many important factors in selecting a championship-winning team. There are countless ways to play, but some of the most common fantasy sports software is offered by major media companies such as Yahoo! Sports, ESPN, and FoxSports. Our guide below will give you a few important pointers for the upcoming season so you can make the most of your draft. Keep reading to find out a few fantasy baseball strategies.

Select the Best Batters Early

Every season there are a few standout batters who truly can support your wins all season long. Acquiring a strong base of hitters ensures your team’s foundation is strong, so when injuries and slumps happen later in the season, you will keep winning. Utilize your first 6 rounds of picks by focusing heavily on batters to make the most of your early fantasy baseball picks. We recommend picking just 1 to 2 pitchers in this span. 

Pick 1 or 2 Pitchers that Throw a Lot of Strikes

Make sure the first 2 pitchers you select are having the opportunity to throw lots of pitches, and those pitches are mostly strikes. A large majority of starting pitchers are seeing fewer innings to help save their throwing arm and extend their seasons. This means fewer opportunities to see them on the field and a smaller share of strikeouts. Selecting at least 1 or 2 of the best fantasy baseball pitchers will give you a solid base to rely on. There are a lot of pitchers in the MLB who will be great to pick up after the 8th round. 

Pick Players with Lots of Field Time

Players that see the plate the most will give you the best chance at winning. Picking a player like a leadoff hitter is a great way to boost your stats. Those players early in a batting rotation see a few more at-bats than your normal players, meaning more opportunities to score. Try to select players who have the most opportunities to generate statistics as possible. Teams with productive offenses are also great for generating plate appearances. The more your player’s team can cycle through the lineup, the more opportunities they will see to score. 

Don’t Focus Too Much on Spring Training

When Spring Training comes around, it can be exciting for both fans and players. It ends the long winter baseball drought and means it is time for a new year of baseball! Spring training is a great opportunity for players to get back out and play for real in the first time in months. It can be hard to ignore how players are performing at this time, but it often has little correlation to how their season will go. The ballparks the spring training games are held at are often very different from the places the majority of your fantasy player’s games will be held at. 

Be Careful Selecting Rookies

Finding a rookie who is on the path to stardom might be the best thing that could happen to your team. Unfortunately, relying on a rookie to have a standout season is unrealistic, and very few rookies will be able to lead you to victory on their own. If you are selecting a rookie for your team, make sure to pick them up later in the draft when you have developed a solid starting lineup.

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