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Catchers, Here Are 4 of the Best Softball Bags Just for You

Catchers, Here Are 4 of the Best Softball Bags Just for You

Transporting your necessary pieces of equipment on and off the diamond is not always an easy task. That is why investing in one of the best softball bags in the game is so vital for every player.

However, each and every player should have a softball bag that specifically caters to their position and the gear that they are required to have. A catcher, for example, might not have enough room for their gear in a small backpack that an outfielder would be fine with!

That is precisely why we have compiled this list of the four best softball bags for catchers. Simply put, catchers have a whole lot of gear and need their own specially-designed equipment bag to carry all of it efficiently from their house to the dugout and every in between.

1.Easton Jen Schro Wheeled Bag
Jen Schroeder is known far and wide for her influential coaching, especially for catchers. She knows what a catcher needs, both on and off the field, so she collaborated with Easton, a powerhouse in the softball and baseball industry, to create the Easton Jen Schro Wheeled Bag.

This white and black bag is not only stylish but also highly functional and practical. The interior of the bag has two heavy-duty shelves which are also easily removable for creating a larger storage compartment. There are two mesh side pockets for leg guards and an exterior loop buckle for holding your mitt or helmet.

The entire bag itself has been designed to fit an entire catcher’s equipment set, four bats, and one pair of shoes. It also allows you to wheel it around with you seamlessly no matter the terrain, as it has rugged inline wheels and a telescopic handle. There is even a small bag inside for keeping your personal items safe and handy.

2.Easton Catcher’s Wheeled Bag
Easton makes our list once again, only this time with their newest Catcher’s Wheeled Bag.

On the outside of this slick black bag, there are two side mesh pockets for storing leg guards. Along with these mesh pockets, there is also an exterior loop buckle. This buckle is perfect for holding your mitt or helmet in a convenient place which allows for more room inside the bag.

Behind the two mesh pockets, there are sleek pockets for storing two bats in a convenient location. Several other zippered pockets are available outside the bag as well.

Its interior design is one of merit alongside its exterior. There are two extremely sturdy shelves that can easily be removed to create a roomier space. There is even a small bag included for storing your personal items.

It also allows you to roll your equipment around with ease, stability, and grace with its inline wheels and telescoping handle. Organization, style, and convenience know no bounds on this catcher’s bag.

3.DeMarini Grind Wheeled Bag
DeMarini has long been known for its stellar equipment for both softball and baseball players, so it should come as no surprise that their Grind Wheeled Bag made our list. This unique bag is convenient for its storage space and overall organization capabilities.

It can hold up to four bats at one time in individual and padded sleeves. This bag also has a ventilated pocket for keeping your wet and/or dirty equipment, especially cleats, far from your other equipment inside. Speaking of its interior, you can hold a whole lot that you need to: your catcher’s equipment, batting helmet, cleats, and mitt.

The interior of your bag is especially important, as you well know, which is why there are also mesh pockets in this bag to keep all of your belongings well-ventilated and easily visible at any given time.

As for its exterior, it comes in four different color options and has handles in the most convenient places for easy carrying, lifting, and overall moving.

4.Bownet The Commander Catcher’s Bag
If you are looking for something truly durable and ideal for organizing your catcher’s gear, then the Bownet Commander may just be the saving grace you’ve been looking for. This particular bag has 14 pockets throughout, providing you with remarkable storage and organization.

On the side of this bag, there is space for three bats in a zippered panel. The opposite side’s zippered panel has a water bottle pocket, a small mesh pocket, and a larger pocket for leg guards. Between these two panels is a top section for your helmet, a large interior compartment, and a bottom cleat section.

The main compartment can hold various pieces of equipment depending on your preference but can hold your chest protector and your batting helmet easily. There are three hooks at the top of the bag, too, which allow for convenient hanging on fences so you can access your bag and all of its content with ease throughout your practices and games.

The catcher’s life is not an easy one but is one we know you love and thoroughly enjoy. Make it an even more enjoyable experience by investing in a catcher’s bag you can carry your vital gear with efficiency. When looking for the best catcher’s bags– or any and all softball bags– entrust us here at HbSports to supply you with exactly what you need.

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