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Broken bat? Here's What You Should Do Next!

Broken bat? Here's What You Should Do Next!

So your bat just broke, and you don’t know what to do! Well, fear not fellow Headbangers, we are here to steer you in the right direction! Regardless of what manufacturer your bat is made from, we have a solution for you to get a replacement and get back out on the field hitting dingers and dropping bombs. Some Manufacturers have different methods for returns over others and some manufacturers have no warranty on their products, which just means swing at your own risk. Below is a list of each manufacturer we carry and their method for a return and exchange. Let this be your guide as well for purchasing bats and know the process so if the “worst case scenario” happens to you, you will now know exactly what to do.

No Warranty Manufacturers: 

  • Monsta Athletics

  • Monsta Athletics have recently been known to produce some VERY hot bats for both Fastpitch and Slowpitch, however, their bats come with no warranty. As unfortunate as that is, they do have an alternative solution and it actually has no time constraint! Monsta offers a “single use, no time limit bat replacement” for $150 (See image below). This actually is a pretty good deal being a full replacement with no time constraint. If you play often and have purchased a monsta bat recently, this is something you should highly consider.

    - Link to lifetime replacement here:

    One Year Warranty Manufacturers: 

    Below is a list of the Manufacturers for bats we carry that have a 1 year limited warranty. We have provided DIRECT links to each one of their Warranty claim pages on each of the Manufacturers websites to make this process FAST and EASY for you!

    PLEASE NOTE: For the listed companies, you will need a receipt as proof of purchase through a licensed distributor, us ( If you have made a purchase through one of our reps, please contact that rep for the receipt! ).  


    If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to give us a call! We are here to help and get you back out on the diamond!
    Our contact info can be found here:

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