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An In-Depth Look at Easton Ghost Softball Bats

An In-Depth Look at Easton Ghost Softball Bats

Softball and baseball players are always after the hottest new gear - but they’re also after classic quality that never dies. For example, a glove manufacturer like Rawlings or Wilson might come out with some hot new technology next year, but you can still rely on classic features like full-grain leather and wicking wrist liners to show themselves - that kind of strength, functionality, and performance is hard to substitute and even harder to improve upon.

This is one of the reasons there are so many enduring names in softball and baseball - names like Rawlings, Wilson, Louisville Slugger, and Easton - that continue to define the game by the equipment they produce. While innovation is a virtue, it is the pairing of innovation with proven techniques, methods, and materials that makes equipment truly great. Brands like these have mastered that art, and in few pieces of equipment is this evidenced as readily as it is in the line of Easton Ghost Softball Bats.

About Easton Bats

Easton, one of the most iconic developers and producers of softball and baseball equipment, ranges alongside the other greats in the industry. Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, Easton has defined research and development since its inception in 1922 - only, at that time, the company was invested in producing better arrows.

Easton is actually the same Easton that produced archery equipment, and after experimenting with aluminum in arrows, founder James Easton transferred and applied that experience to softball and baseball bats. The company actually helped to pave the way for new technology in baseball and softball bats, pioneering many designs in aluminum and composite bats over the years.

That drive to unite proven, reliable performance with enhanced materials still colors everything Easton does, and is readily apparent today in Easton softball and baseball equipment, especially the line of Eason Ghost Softball Bats.

The Easton Ghost Softball Bat: Engineered for Performance

The Easton Ghost brand is a line of baseball and softball bats, including models designed for both slowpitch and fastpitch softball. In this article, we’re going to draw some attention to and highlight some of the features of the Easton Ghost Advanced and Double Barrel Fastpitch Softball Bats that we sell here at HB Sports. From the endcap to the knob, these bats are weighed down with performance-enhancing features that make them true marvels.

Easton Ghost Advanced Softball Bat

Here at HB Sports, the Easton Ghost Advanced Fastpitch Bat is available with weight drops ranging from -8 to -11, and it is one of the hottest, most in-demand bats in the sport.

Here’s a little bit of what makes it so desirable to so many players with differing skill sets.

  • Available in a range of weight drop configurations

While this Easton Ghost Softball Bat is only available in what most would call a balanced swing weight, it exhibits some variability on that front. None of these Ghost models are heavily endloaded, but ranging from weight drops of -8 to -11, there is a little bit more choice there for discerning players.

Overall, the Ghost Advanced line of softball bats will perform admirably in the hands of precision hitters that like to view their batting as a metaphorical tack-driving process - but of course, players that prefer a bit of a heavier, slightly loaded balance will love these bats. They give you the feel of a balanced swing with just a little bit more power. Control and power - these are the best of both worlds.

  • ConneXion EvolutionTM significantly diminishes perceived vibrations

Players all have their own feelings about perceived feedback through a bat’s handle, but the general consensus is that painful, stinging vibrations are something that should be ideally engineered out of the game through a combination of experience and high-quality equipment.

Sure, some players prefer to be able to feel everything through a bat’s grip, and that means taking a little of the good with the bad - but the Easton Ghost Advanced line has made some serious strides in the right direction with their ConneXion EvolutionTM technology that drastically cuts back on painful vibrations - nearly eliminating them.

This technology makes use of NitrocellTM foam injected into a proprietary ConneXion joint where the two pieces of the bat come together. This foam is not only extremely light but extremely effective at absorbing vibrations, almost entirely eliminating them. The result is a comfortable, accurate bat that doesn’t affect your hands and wrists, even on mishits.

  • Custom Lizard Skins grips add personality and tack

Lizard Skins bat grips have been highly regarded by all different players because of the comfort, grip, and personality they can add to a bat, all in one fell swoop. Grip and comfort are important features on any bat - whether for baseball or softball, and these bats come with custom Lizard Skins grips to provide them.

Available in a wide range of colors and patterns, Lizard Skins grips are tacky, comfortable, and provide the perfect balance between thickness for absorbing shock and the ability to allow feedback to shine through. In conjunction with these bats’ ConneXion EvolutionTM technology, these bats are perfectly positioned for comfort and performance.

  • Double Barrel 2TM Technology: Superior design and performance

These Easton Ghost Softball Bats are also made with what they call Double Barrel 2TM Technology, which improves the performance of the bats on several fronts. While double and gapped barrels are not particularly uncommon in softball bats, this line takes a double barrel to a whole new height of practicality.

These bats feature a lighter inner barrel and a stronger outer barrel, the result of which is a line that features better compression, flex, and performance. The stronger barrel is not just more durable; it also flexes perfectly and boosts the trampoline effect. Throw this on top of an already huge sweet spot and you have a winning combination.

  • Engineered with a huge sweet spot

The people at Easton know what it takes to make a bat with a mammoth sweet spot, and this is evident as much in the Easton Ghost line as it is anywhere. Wood bats and even some aluminum bats can be finicky with the balance and size of their sweet spots, requiring players to fine-tune their approach to ensure performance.

This bat, by contrast, has a sweet spot that is positively massive by comparison. Just warm up with this bat and connect with a few pitches and that “pop” will leave you with no doubt when you find it. It’s big, and it delivers. Connect with it and you’ll be sending those pitches way out into the outfield, inning after inning.

  • Composite construction is tough and reliable

Composite bats are also well renowned for their ability to put up with stress, and these bats are no exception. Tough, dependable, and reliable, the barrel is made with Launch CompTM Composite Technology that is strong, light, and durable, all in one package.

Unlike wood bats which will eventually break down and splinter with use (or abuse), a composite bat can last a much longer time, with a long usable lifespan. In fact, some even say that composite bats don’t just last a long time, they actually increase in performance as you break them in and stretch out the composite fibers, enhancing and amplifying the trampoline effect.

  • Power BoostTM soft knob for control and comfort

These Easton Ghost Softball Bats are also made with a Power BoostTM soft knob that increases both the comfort and the grip of the bat, furthering the vibration dampening features. The Power BoostTM knob provides a wider surface at the base of the bat to improve your grip and control and is made with soft materials, works in tandem with the other features of this bat to keep a lid on uncomfortable vibrations.

  • Comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and several approvals

Finally, if you need a little extra peace of mind with a purchase, remember that this Easton Ghost line of softball bats comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. In addition, this bat is widely approved for play according to USSSA, NSA, ASA, ISA, and even NCAA collegiate play! The Ghost Line is a series that almost any player can get behind - stand over the plate with one, and you’ll wonder how you went your whole career without swinging one.

Easton Ghost Double Barrel Softball Bat

Our collection of Easton Ghost Softball Bats also includes a couple of selections of Easton Ghost Double Barrel Softball Bats, also ranging from -8 to -11 weight drops. These bats, like the Advanced line, also incorporate several key features that enhance their value and encourage game-defining performance.

  • Also available in a range of weight drops

We said it once and we don’t need to beat the same topic too many times, but what more can be said than “this bat provides power and control?” Like the Easton Ghost Advanced bats that we also sell here, the Easton Ghost Double Barrel Softball Bats also comes primarily as a balanced bat with slight variability in weight drop.

Just like the Easton Ghost Advanced line, this line provides you an excellent balance between the power of a heavy end load and the unbelievable precision of perfectly balanced swing weight.

  • HYPERSKIN Diamond Grip provides comfort, tack, and control

Like the Easton Ghost Advanced Line, the Double Barrel line also incorporates features that improve grip, comfort, and control. Only, in this line, that comes in the form of a 1.2mm thick HYPERSKIN Diamond Grip.

These grips are ultra-thin, perfectly representing the intersection of what it means to allow for feedback to reach you through the grip, all while dampening vibration and increasing comfort.

  • CONNEXION+ Technology significantly slashes vibration and negative feedback

The Easton Ghost Double Barrel Line also features special, comfort-improving, vibration-dampening features. These bats make use of Easton’s CONNEXION+ Technology and NitrocellTM filling at the joint of the bat’s two pieces to cut out painful vibrations. This feature makes these some of the smoothest swinging, most comfortable bats out there - even in the event of a mishit. You won’t believe a bat can be this sensitive while still protecting you against unwanted vibration!

  • Tough double barrel is light, strong and provides amazing “pop”

The Easton Ghost Double Barrel Line also features amazingly strong, resilient composite construction, with a double-barrel design that provides for maximum compressibility and a “pop” factor that you have to hear (and feel) to believe.

  • Outer barrel is pre-broken-in - no break-in period!

A common gripe about composite bats is that they need to be broken in. Some of the time this is the case, as composite bats are made with an interweave of composite fibers that need to be stretched out and “mature” before they can reach their full potential and deliver a serious trampoline effect.

This bat, with its soft outer wall, is already broken in. It will provide you with amazing performance right out of the wrapper, with no break-in period required!

  • Xtra-Tough Resin Matrix (XTX) Composite is durable and reliable

These Easton Ghost bats are also made with Xtra-Tough Resin Matrix (XTX) that results in the production of an extremely tough, flexible, and durable barrel, one that is able to drive serious power season in and out, for many years.

  • 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and equally wide approvals

Like the Easton Ghost Advanced Line, the Easton Ghost Double Barrel line is covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty and is approved for play in USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, and even ISF leagues and tournaments. It’s also a bat that almost anyone can not only love but use.

Contact Us for More Information!

While you’re here, don’t forget to check out Easton’s Ghost line of softball gloves, so you can outfit yourself with legendary Easton performance on both sides of the field.

If you have any questions about any of our Easton products, including our bats, make sure you give us a call at 1-888-540-BATS and let us know what you need. Whether you’re looking for a recommendation or want some assistance picking one out, we’ll be glad to assist.

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