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4 Best Fastpitch USSSA Softball Bats

4 Best Fastpitch USSSA Softball Bats

Not all softball bats are created equal. Some are accepted by the NSA, ISA, or USSSA. Some are accepted by all of these associations, while others are only allowed in one or two. Before you purchase a new softball bat, you need to make sure that you are purchasing the right one for the right association.

At HbSports, we are here to supply all of our baseball and softball players with the precise equipment they need to succeed at their favorite sport, from gloves to bats. We provide them with top-of-the-line equipment without any of the fluff. You want the best and we got it.

For those who play in USSSA tournaments and leagues, you know just how important it is to play with the exact equipment that you need and the association allows. Which softball bats are the best to play with for USSSA fastpitch in 2021? Let’s have a look at the top four USSSA softball bats for fastpitch in 2021.

1.  2022 Louisville Slugger META

Are you surprised that a Louisville Slugger made it to the top of the list? The 2022 Louisville Slugger META (including the -8, -9, and -10 models) is definitely a force to be reckoned with when it’s in the batter’s box. The 2 ¼” barrel contains Mash Composite, a cantilevered gapped design. This unique, patent-pending design allows for maximum performance and a larger “sweet spot” for the player.

One of the least pleasant feelings of making contact with a softball in fastpitch is the dreaded hand-stinging. However, one of the many luxuries of this bat is that that possibility is greatly diminished, so you can swing and drive the ball with no reservations. This intricate machine is inarguably one of the top accepted fastpitch USSSA softball bats that you need in your softball bag.

2.  2022 Double-Barreled Easton Ghost

Yet another classic softball brand has made the list, only this time it’s the legendary Easton. The brand astounds us once again with its 2022 Ghost. These models (the -11, -10, -9, and -8) have barrels that should be feared by the opposing team and revered by yours. It’s built with a balanced double barrel design, but also includes a new composite called Sonic Comp™. This composite provides the bat with more durability and astounding higher performance. This barrel allows the batter to make every hit matter, feel better, and even improve its sound.

The double-barrel in the Ghost also is made with vibration elimination materials, which allow for a more powerful swing that you can feel confident about without reverberation.

3.  2022 Axe Avenge Pro Gap

And now for something you can really stand up and cheer for: The Avenge Pro Gap from Axe. This bat is unique in that, of all the composite bats in the fastpitch softball world today, it has the thinnest walls. These “thin walls” may sound weak, but they are far from that. They account for the massive sweet spot in this bat, allowing for any batter to make better and stronger contact with any pitch.

The Power Gap Technology is what we should all be thanking for this impressive aspect. Alongside this technology, another characteristic this bat holds is the Hyperwhip Composite Cap. This cap makes the bat far more lightweight, enabling you to swing your bat with confidence and ease, while still having the power you need to drive your hit farther and harder.

The Avenge Pro Gap has two specific technologies catered just to the handle alone to further your swinging comfort. Both of these technologies give the handle a more sturdy grip and absorb the vibrations to the bottom hand on the handle. Swinging a bat and hitting a ball never felt so right and so satisfying.

4.  2021 Rawlings Mantra

Are you ready for the most technologically advanced bat of all the USSSA softball bats? When you twist the knob of the Rawlings Mantra, you will gain access to a Blast Sensor. The sensor will give you unparalleled insights and tips on improving your swing. This is truly revolutionary and is the first bat to be accepted for in-game use with this technology.

Along with that Jetsons-like technology, it still does its due diligence as a softball bat and then some. The barrel has a high-performance outer barrel, a layer that is 15% thinner and far more reactive than you can imagine. It’s also a three-step inner barrel, meaning that every step serves a vital purpose: optimize performance, power, and weight distribution. Need we say more?

It’s important when you are playing in a certain tournament or league that you and your team have both the approved and best USSSA softball bats ready to go. If you have any one of these four top softball bats, you are sure to bring your best to the plate.

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