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3 Best Bat Grip Tapes to Improve Your Swing

3 Best Bat Grip Tapes to Improve Your Swing

Imagine this: the perfect pitch is coming at you in the batter’s box. You know you can crush it, and you swing with all your might and accuracy. But, your hands slip on the bat handle because of rain, sweat, or no apparent reason at all. Instead of the ball soaring to an uncatchable location, it dribbles onto the field to a ready player or, worse, it lands untouched in the catcher’s mitt. And just like that, you’re out instead of running around the bases like you should be.

This scene is not that hard to imagine because it’s happened to nearly every baseball or softball player who swings a bat, and the frustration when that happens can be overwhelming. You know your potential and capabilities along with your bat’s. How can this problem be rectified so you have full bat control and can get those hits to where you want them to go no matter what?

Fortunately, there is a simpler and far more cost-friendly option than buying an entirely new bat or even batting gloves: using bat grip tape. Using this tape is a simple, straightforward, and effective way to increase the synergy between you and your bat. But what is the best tape out there that will lead to the most improved swings? Let’s look at the top three best bat grip tape options on the market today.

1.  Lizard Skins

We all know the texture of most lizard’s skins. They’re tough, dry, and water-resistant. The brand Lizard Skins has harnessed the inspiring power of these magnificent animals’ skin and used it in their grip tape. It has quickly become one of the most popular and used tapes in the baseball and softball world and it’s truly no wonder why.

Placing this tape on any bat handle is seamless and effective, as it is designed for use with all bats, including wooden, aluminum, and composite bats. They also come in a variety of thickness to best suit you and your preferences. You can choose from 0.5 millimeter, 1.1 millimeter or 1.8 millimeter thickness depending on how much or how little padding you want on your handle.

These tapes also come in a wide range of colors and designs so you can match your uniform just right, or stand out! It’s really your choice. The solid tapes have 15 color options, while the camo tapes have a whopping 22 options. No matter which thickness and color/design you choose, you and your bat will truly be happy and can work successfully together to reach success on the diamond. Oh, and your wallet will be happy, too, as the solid Lizard Skins are $10.99 per roll and the camos are $12.99. You really cannot go wrong with trying out these bat grip tapes. 

2.  Vulcan Bat Grips

Another popular brand for bat handle tapes is the Vulcan brand. Vulcan has provided hitters since 2015 with top-notch tapes using the most modern technology. They have several series to choose from:

No matter your preference in color or design, Vulcan has you and your bat covered. This brand is proud to provide all of its users with style, personality, and functionality in every swing. Every one of the aforementioned series is weather-resistant and comes in three thickness measurements. “Ultralight” is 0.5 mm, “light” is 1 mm, and “standard” is 1.75 mm. Ultralight is the best choice for wooden bats, light is for extra control and feel for composite and alloy bats, while standard is optimal for stock grips on composite or alloy bats.

Another impressive advantage of these tapes is that each roll, no matter the series, costs $11.99. It’s possible to drastically improve your swing without blowing your budget.

3.  Spiderz Bat Grip

Yet another animals’ impressive and natural gripping powers was used in inspiration for a bat grip tape. Spiderz has worked tirelessly for two years to find the perfect blend of comfort and grip. It uses two key materials for the utmost success in a tape: high-quality polymer for grip and embossed for softness. It only comes in 1.1 mm thickness, but this is arguably the most standard and efficient thickness for all tapes.

This tape comes in nine different color options and all incorporate their typical spider web design. Although they have nine color combinations right now, they are going to add to this number in the coming months. For now, users can choose the following color combos:

All of these colorful options can be used in any weather condition, so you can focus more on your swing and less on your hands slipping when they shouldn’t. Spiderz claims that for optimal performance, these tapes should be used with their batting gloves. However, these tapes can also perform just as well without them.

And there you have it: the top three bat grip tape options. No matter which of the brands, colors, designs, or thicknesses you choose in accordance with your personal preference, you can finally rest easy knowing that your hands and bat handle will work together to bring you to your highest performing self. If you have any questions about our tapes or any of our other many baseball and softball supplies here at HbSports, give us a call at 1-888-540-BATS or send us an email at We look forward to helping you find the right equipment for you so you can shine on the diamond!

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