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2023 Easton USA Baseball Bat Overview, What to expect this year!

2023 Easton USA Baseball Bat Overview, What to expect this year!

Easton, you know them, you love them, they've been around the game forever. As new products from these companies start rolling out their next year's models and lineups, Here’s what we can expect from Easton this year for their 2023 USA Baseball lineup. We have three bats in the USA baseball lineup that will be coming out soon, the ADV360, the ADV1, and the Alpha ALX. Let’s start at the top with the ADV 360.

2023 Easton ADV 360 USA Baseball Bat
The ADV 360 has been one of Easton’s top performing 2-piece composite bats last year for USA Baseball, so there’s a lot of hype around what to expect for this year's model. As the image below shows, there have been quite a lot of improvements to the new ADV360 in comparison to last year's model. Starting from the top, Easton improved the Barrel and its responsiveness with the all new “Speed Cap” which aids on the overall flexibility of the barrel as well as its responsiveness. Moving down to the Barrel, Easton redesigned the barrel creating a larger sweet spot using bigger barrel contouring (simply put, the contouring of the barrel is more gradual allowing a larger zone for the sweet spot) as well as their “Launch Composite” barrel technology so the barrel is hot right out of the wrapper.

2023 Easton ADV360

Moving down to the connection piece, as Easton likes to call it, the “Connextion ISO” is what connects the handle to the barrel maintaining rigidity and shock absorption. Using Nitrocell foam technology for the connection piece, this greatly reduces the overall vibration while giving a stiffer feel, transferring more energy from your swing into the ball at contact than previous models. The handle itself, or the DFS Handle (Dynamic Feel System) is a stiff, carbon composite design creating a solid, stiff feel at contact while reducing the overall vibration.
The “FlowTrack” Grip used to wrap the handle is a premium grip providing cushioned Tack and a tri-color design that matches the overall bat colorway. Finally, onto the handle and its design. Easton’s “Power Boost” Soft Knob Technology is designed such that it creates improved comfort for the bottom hand as well as reducing overall vibration of the handle.

2023 Easton ADV360

To sum up, there have been impressive improvements and focus on the reduction of overall vibration at many points of this bat, a stiffer handle and connection point for a more responsive feel, and a redesigned barrel with a greater contour to provide a larger overall sweet spot as well as a hot out of the wrapper barrel construction. Available in sizes: -11, -10, -8, -5 and is available here at Headbanger Sports on September 15th 2022.

2023 Easton ADV1 USA Baseball Bat
A new USA bat coming to the market this year, The Easton ADV1 is a single piece composite bat based off of the ADV360. A few similarities will be shown such as the Speed Cap, Barrel contour and “Launch Composite” Barrel technology, as well as the FLow-Tack grip and knob design. One notable change, as this is a one piece barrel design, is the “Carbon Zero Handle”. As this is a composite material one piece, this handle design is built from 90% carbon fiber constructed with zero-degree layup. If you're not familiar with carbon fiber laying and the direction of the weaving, Zero-degree fiber angle is the most frequently used orientation of carbon fiber weaving. When fibers are oriented in the direction of the load (zero degrees on the laying) they are the strongest and stiffest. On tubing, such as baseball bats, the zero-degree direction is along the length of the tube and contributes to bending stiffness strength.

2023 Easton ADV1

In summary, The all new Easton ADV1 is an extremely stiff, large sweet spot, single piece composite USA baseball bat that we here at Headbanger Sports are excited to carry. This Baseball bat is available in -12 only in sizes 27, 28, 29 and 30 inch lengths.

2023 Easton Alpha ALX USA Baseball Bat
Another one piece bat to come from Easton, the Alpha ALX USA Baseball bat is an Aluminum Alloy bat that we all know and love. Last year's model was a game changer so we are expecting the same if not better performance from this year's model. Stepping away from the gold and blue colorway of last year's design, this year’s model is boasting a sleek red and black look. The R5 Alloy barrel design, as we are familiar from last year's model, is Easton’s lightweight aluminum alloy barrel design developed to provide the player with a highly responsive barrel as well as excellent durability. To aid in the alloy material used on the barrel design, Easton included their “ultralite” construction, providing a lighter overall swing weight providing the player an overall faster swing speed giving more control through the zone. Pairing with Easton’s “FlowTack” grip this will be one bat to have in your arsenal if you’re using aluminum alloy bats. Sizes available will be as a -8 and -11.

2023 Easton Alpha ALX

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