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USSSA Slowpitch Stamp Change 2020

USSSA Softball Stamp Change
Official USSSA & GSL Slowpitch Press Release
January 28, 2020
From us at Headbanger Sports: 
USSSA & GSL have officially announced they will grandfather all current 1.20 USSSA "Thumbprint" stamps for USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bats.  This now means the current stamp will be legal for play indefinitely.
These models will all still offer full manufacturer warranties even after the stamp change.   September 1, 2020 is the official day manufacturers have to cease production on current 220 compression USSSA Slowpitch Bats. These 220 compression 1.20 "thumbprint" stamped bats can not be sold to dealers after December 31, 2020.  We will almost guarantee they will be sold out well before then.  Once players begin to see the difference in performance there will be a mad dash to websites, field reps, and sales channels to stash these models away.  Don't Tortoise this one Ladies and Gentlemen, jump now! 
Little Performance Information from us: 
What Exactly is Bat Compression Testing? Bat Compression Testing describes the amount of pressure required to compress the barrel of a bat.  The higher the compression result means a barrel's walls may be thicker or more rigid, Less Flexible.  A bat with a Lower Compression means the walls are more flexible and easier to Compress, resulting in a larger trampoline effect.  
USSSA Bat Tester
With that being stated, the new USSSA stamp testing has begun.  Many of our Manufacturer's are seeing an average of 25 feet less in performance difference from the new 240 compression models coming soon, and the current 220 compression models available now.  What does this mean? The current 220 bats are much "hotter" than the new 240 models being pushed into play late 2020.  Our recommendation to you, stock up on the current bats here at and stash them in the closet! 

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Lyf Nimmo Marketing Manager of Miken & Worth Sports explains what the stamp change means to players across the country.  
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