Protection Status

HB Sports Used Bats

How this works:

Some requirements before you start:

Bat MUST be less than 2 years old! We absolutely will not accept any bats older than 2 years of age

We will ONLY accept Baseball and Fastpitch bats, NO Slowpitch!

We will NOT accept bats with dents, cracks, stress fractures, or any modifications done to the bat. The bat must be in playable condition for league play

Examples of what we WILL NOT accept


We cannot accept a Used Bat with ANY fractures caused from stress or complete cracks in the composite material.


We CANNOT accept ANY dents on a bat, regardless of size. Please be thurough when checking BEFORE submitting as some dents can be very minor, but be assured, we will find them!


Some players like to get a little more out of their bat by shaving/ milling out the inside of the bad to add more "pop" to their hit. We perform thurough tests on every used bat we recieve, there's no sneaking this by us!

2. If your used bat is approved, ship it!

After submitting the above form, package your bat up. Any box will do but shipping is on you! Ship it to us and we will go through our thurough visual check, a compression test as well as our stamp of approval.
Once approved, we will send you an email with a discount code for UP TO $100 off your next purchase at HB Sports.
Our approval process includes a fully detailed visual inspection, a compression test to verify life left in the bat as well as no tampering to the weight and balance.  

If denied, we will ship you back your used bat and email you the reasons why we could not accept it.

3. Recieve up to $100 off a NEW bat from our store!

Congratulations! Your used bat has now been approved!
Go check your email for a one time discount code up to $100! (Restrictions may apply)
Upgrade your game with a NEW bat from our shop, HB Sports!

Once you have found the new bat you want, just apply your exclusive discount code in the checkout cart and you're done!

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