KJ Scobey Announced as 12U Homerun Derby Hitter at the 2017 MLB All Star Games

KJ wins Semi Finals
Headed to All Star Game
Scobey will now hit at the 2017 MLB All Star Games on Saturday July 8, 2017 at Marlins Park. He will compete against 7 other 12U Competitors for his chance to be the 2017 12U National Home Run Derby Champion.

A Look Inside HB Sports Youth Factory Hitter KJ Scobey

HB Community Highlight
An interview with our first HB Sports Sponsored
baseball prospect KJ Scobey.
Exactly who is KJ Scobey?
When is your Birthday? May 23, 2005

What is your height and weight? 5ft. 90 pounds

What is your number you wear on your uniform? Is it special to you and why?
#23 or #45 for Michael Jordan, #34 Harper, #17 for Bryant, when I was younger #2 for Jeter.

Favorite movies? Coach Carter, Remember the Titans, Rocky movies

Favorite Food? Steak or pizza
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What positions do you play? 
Which do you like best?
Utility I like best, but most coaches like me at Shortstop, 2nd, and Catcher.
How Many Home Run Derbys 
have you entered? 
I have competed and won 6 out of 6 so far.  I have another one coming up in May to try to qualify for the youth MLB homerun derby 2017.
What Does Scobey use on the Diamond?
Favorite Bat? Been hitting the Louisville Slugger 917 31-19 from HB Sports. They also sent me a DeMarini Zen but I don’t like the big barrel as much yet. I rely on bat speed and can swing a smaller barrel faster.

Batting gloves or No? HB Sports batting gloves at practice when I have blisters but like the feel of the bat and tape so in a game no gloves.

What Bat Bag do you use: HB Sports sent me the DeMarini Black Ops Bag and I like it a lot. Has a lot of room and wheels work well.
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What are your biggest accomplishments in your
young career so far?
- USSSA All American Team 2x,
- GSA State Champ MVP 2x,
- USSSA Select 30 ticket winner,
- Won Youth Baseball Homerun Derby this summer,
- Won 2 MLB JR. Homerun Derbies,
- Made All Star Team in Youth Baseball in Myrtle Beach, which I playing up an age group
- Won FL. Cal Ripken FL State Championship ALL Stars.

I have Won A LOT of medals and rings in Tournaments.
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KJ... How often do you practice?
Most people have no idea just how much. My dad and I practice almost every day in some way. Actually whenever I ask him, he always says yes.

Sometimes we even practice after basketball or before football.

We usually hit live BP on a field 150 balls or so and take infield and outfield at every position and pitch until I throw 10 strikes.

He does drills until I show him I can do it, and then we do something else.

It's Never boring, always fun.
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What are your goals for this year?
Be better than last year and start preparing for the big field after next year.

I'm Trying to make the USA futures team for 2005 age group, Repeat at Youth Baseball Homerun Derby and learn more about the game.

Who is the best team you have played for?
Would have to be last year playing up an age group with the San Diego Show in Finals of the Elite World Series.

Who do you Currently Play for?
BOCA Hitmen Ultra, but I guest play a lot since they are 3.5 hours away.
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Who's the Best Sponsor you've played for so far?
HB Sports has been very supportive the last couple years.
I am very blessed to have their support and makes me want to show them my appreciation by doing well and acting right.
Who has gotten you to where you are today, who would you like to give thanks to for helping you get there?
I spend so much time with my Dad and so lucky to have him to do everything I do, my Mom's support is more than I could ask for.

I think it was the hours of practice and my dad says I learn quickly.

I would like to give thanks besides my parents; HB Sports, Stampede Baseball, my Grandma, always on game changers, My dad’s softball friends: Luis Merejo, DirtySports Wear, Florida Baseball Heaven, and so many more I am forgetting.
Note to KJ from us at HB Sports:

Thank you for your constant dedication, sportmanship, work ethic, and most of all... your persona on and off the field! Your goals will be met because of these efforts you give.

As a Coach myself, you are the type of young man we look for during tryouts, natural talent mixed with worth ethic and hustle. We are excited to watch you grow on and off the field.

We are extremely happy to have you as part
of the HB Sports Family! - Chris Bastien


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