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What is it??

EXTEND Product Warranty is a way for you to have a warranty extention on your product such as your Baseball bat, Gloves and Batting gloves or even your Roller bag or pair of sunglasses! With Extend, your diamond sports equipment can be covered for up to 3 years! This allows you to play without restraint knowing you are covered!  


— BATS —

All bats are covered. This includes Baseball bats, Fastpitch and Slowpitch bats, Even wood bats, Camwood bats and Fungo bats are covered!


All Gloves are covered including Baseball gloves, Fastpitch and Slowpitch gloves

— BAGS —

All Roller Bags, and Backpacks are covered!

— GEAR —

SOME Gear is covered such as Batting Gloves, Protective Gear and Catchers Gear Including Helmets and Shin Guards as well as Sunglasses, Sliding Mitts and Pocket Radars.

How to get your EXTEND Warranty


First, find your product!

Just browse our website HERE and find a product that you are looking for! Once you have found your product you should notice an option for what type of warranty you are needing, whether its a one year, two year or even a three year warranty. Just click the option you want to select, add that product to the cart and the Warranty option will carry over to the checkout cart.


Secondly, Check out!

Once you have found your product and selected your Extended Warranty plan, add the product to your cart and proceed to the checkout as you normally would! Please note, the Shipping Protection and Warranty Extention are two seperate items. Now your product is fully covered for the selected Warranty you have chosen!


Select Your Product

Search our site for the product you want

Select Your Extend Warranty

Add what Warranty Extension you want


Proceed to Checkout Cart



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