Headbanger Sports Exclusive Bats
Our Exclusive Bats are one of a kind. Designed with Performance, Durability, and Perfection in mind our goal is to put the best into the hands of our customers and give them the edge they need on the field.

Working with our vendors each bat takes 6-12 months to Develop, Engineer, and Test to ensure we reach our goal. Our Research and Development team seeks the best features of each model released that year. From there we go into development, all bats must go through rigorous testing to pass sanction testing and receive their certifications for play. Once we build and design the bat, it comes to testing. If it's not up to our standards it will never be up to yours as customer. We've sent back numerous prototypes and started over, if it has our name on it you can bet we're swinging it on the fields.

2017 DeMarini Cartel WTDXHCU-17

DeMarini Cartel Slowpitch Softball Bat
DeMarini Cartel WTDXHCU-17
The DeMarini Cartel was an iconic bat from it's time. Truly one of the first bats of an old standard that tried something different. Delivering Extroadinary Performance and Quick Break in Capability, the Cartel became Legendary.
With the all new Remastered 2017 Cartel HB we have done exactly the same. Adding the latest DeMarini Advanced Performance Composite (APC), a barrel designed for maximum compression and a rapid break-in for a HOT OUT OF THE WRAPPER feel. Pair that with DeMarini's 900C Performance Composite Handle for increased Stiffness and Feel at Contact.
We've made all the necessary tweaks in all the right areas to deliver high performance like the OG. The Cartel became a game changer for DeMarini in 2012, five years later we're bringing it back to do the same.... are you ready to change the game?

Product Features:
  • WTDXHCU-17
  • Available Sizes: 34"/26 oz., 34"/27 oz., 34"/28 oz.
  • NEW 13" Barrel - Endloaded
  • 900C Performance Composite Handle
  • Advanced Performance Composite (APC)
  • Only Composite Handled DeMarini
  • Limited Exclusive to Headbangersports.com
  • Sequentially Numbered to 500
  • 13" 2018 Performance Composite Barrel

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will the Cartel be available?
Preorders Open: October 24, 2017
Shipping Begins: December 2017
How Many Cartels were made?
Only 500 Bats Were Created, each Sequentially Numbered from 1 to 500 with a serial number stamped on the taper of each bat.
Ex: #077/500

2017 Worth Encore WENHBU-17

10/24/2017 Update: Only 27 oz Encores Remain for Preorder until Second Batch Release.

Worth Encore WENHBU-17
Have you ever had something that is truly irreplaceable? The most comfortable pair of cleats, your broken in glove from high school, your league night championship shirt from 10 years ago that you wife hates? What about your Headbanger from last year? You want another one so bad, but you're not willing to pay the ludicrous price these people are charging on eBay? Well heres your chance!

We knew we were doing something different when we created the Headbanger. That bat was completely different from all other exclusives. It wasn't just a repaint of one of the mainline bats. Thought went into each part of the bat. We took a big risk doing something unique and chose the best parts of multiple bats.

Fortunately for everyone, we hit the nail on the head! So, why change it?

This time around, we asked Worth to create the same bat with a simple scheme. No tricks here. Same amazing bat. It's just like when you see a great rock band and the concert is over, but you just want one more song...Welcome To The ENCORE!!!!!

Frequently Asked Questions:

When will the Encore be available?
First Batch of 550:
Preorders Open: September 26, 2017
Shipping Begins: November 5, 2017

Second Batch of 450 Remaining:
Preorders Open: November 11, 2017
Shipping Begins: Early 2018
How Many Encores Were Made?
Only 1000 Bats Were Created, each Sequentially Numbered from 1 to 1000 with a serial number stamped on the taper of each bat.
Ex: #0777/1000

SOLD OUT - 2016 Worth Headbanger WHBHBA-16

The One That Started it All
Worth Headbanger WHBHBA-16
The Worth Headbanger was our first Slowpitch Exclusive. By taking the best of the 2016 Line Up we created a Fraken Monster. A Large 13.5" Barrel with a Stiffer Handle, and .25 oz endload created the average players dream. A bat made for those young baseball players learning how to play, but also turning Conference Players into MVPS.

This Bat Is Now Sold Out - Our Worth Encore is it's little brother, same specifications with a new paint scheme to continue the tradition of greatness.


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