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WELCOME to Headbanger Sports' ALL NEW Podcast! Our cast includes Coach RAC as one of our main guests, Chris Bastien as well as Mike Talbott who are both part owners in Headbanger Sports. Beyond the Fence will be a podcast full of history, education and discussions revolving around Baseball, Fastpitch and Slowpitch Softball, on and off the field. We plan to discuss Pro Players, what's NEW in bats and gloves, "up and coming" stars in the game, We plan to even bring in brand manufacturers such as Demarini and Easton!

So Sit back, Relax and get ready to go 'Beyond The Fence'!

Meet The Cast

Meet Chris Bastien

Meet Mike Talbott

Meet Coach RAC

In 2021 Robert Anthony Cruz was signed by the Washington Nationals to live out his childhood dream of "Professional Baseball Player". This accomplishment of his was the result of professional coaching and a lot of hours. There were very few college offers out of high school for him, and he batted only .170 his freshman year at UC Riverside before transferring to Biola University (D2). Thanks to his hitting coach (Kip Gross), Robert Anthony turned around his college career finishing with a .326 batting average and 21 HRs. Without coach Kip, Robert Anthony likely wouldn't have played in college, let alone professionally. Robert Anthony was released in Spring Training of 2022, but his love for the game drove him to begin making coaching videos on TikTok with what he has learned throughout his playing career. Robert Anthony's story has made him passionate about sharing with the next generation, and he want parents and coaches to know how to best love their players with quality coaching.

Episode 1: Welcome to Beyond the Fence!

Hello everyone and WELCOME to Headbanger Sports' ALL NEW Podcast! In our first episode, We introduce you to our cast, a little about their history and where they came from as well as where we plan to take the podcast! Sit back, relax and enjoy going Beyond The Fence!

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