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We know that you have a strong love and affection for your favorite sport: softball. There is nothing like that rush you feel when you bring your highest-performing self onto the diamond, whether it be defensively or offensively. You hit the sweet spot on your bat, round the bases, strike out a big hitter, score a run, or disallow a run from scoring for the other team: all unparalleled highs that only fuel your love for the game.

As addictive as the beloved sport of softball may be, it is still extremely important that you closely consider your safety as well. One example of why this is so is this: the average speed of a fastpitch softball pitch is 58 to 65 mph. That is awfully fast for a cork and leather/leather-like ball to come at you.

That is where softball protective gear can properly assist you by keeping you safe on the field. We have the perfect protective gear for you whether you’re playing defense behind the plate or looking to put runs on the board, both in the batter’s box and rounding the bases.

For defensive positions, we have numerous options for various players in the field, but especially for players in one of the most dangerous positions: the catchers. We have products just for them, such as catcher’s helmets, gear box sets, helmet masks, and thumb guards. For you batters, you require a good amount of protection while in the batter’s box. That is why we have several pieces of protective equipment for you:

● Wrist guards
● Elbow guards
● Helmets
● Jaw guards
● Leg guards

As for the runners, we know that you need proper safety when sliding into any base-- from the dirt, rocks, and even players guarding the base. That is why we also have sliding mitts, which work to keep your leading hand stabilized and nearly untouchable when sliding and running the bases. Now when you enjoy your favorite sport, you can enjoy it even more, knowing that you are protected with some of the highest quality and dependable softball protective gear on the market.

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