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The Best ASA Softball Bats for Your Next Game

The Best ASA Softball Bats for Your Next Game

Sports are something that has traditionally been used as forms of entertainment, exercise, extracurricular activities, and hobbies. Watching sports, playing sports, or even just appreciating a certain sport is something that brings us together and creates a sense of community.

I’m sure you’ve seen your dad yell at the TV screen while watching his favorite sports team or cheered on a sibling who was playing a game at school. Sports are a really important part of many people’s lives.

For many sports, there requires a lot of different equipment to actually adequately play the game. For sports like soccer and basketball, you don’t need too much equipment. For other sports like wrestling or swimming, you need no other equipment besides yourself.

However, there are some sports out there that require a lot of sports equipment to play the game. For example, softball requires a lot of equipment. To fully play the game of softball, you are going to need a softball, cleats, helmet, glove, and most importantly, a softball bat.

The softball bat is one of the most important pieces of equipment for the game of softball. If not for the bat, you couldn’t play the game. The players would just be throwing the ball around to each other the entire time. For softball, there are two different variations of the same game. There are fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball.

Each variation of the game requires different pitching styles and techniques, which then also changes the criteria for hitting styles. As softball players have learned and mastered throughout their years of playing the sport, you need a good quality bat that will boost your performance at the plate. No matter which type of softball you play, fast-pitch or slow-pitch, you need a high-quality bat to enhance your athletic abilities while at-bat.

Now, with the specific game of slowpitch softball, there are different requirements for the actual bats in order to play. The difference between slow pitch and the more common fastpitch softball all depends on the pitching style.  Fastpitch softballs are usually thrown at an upwards angle and range in speed from 50-60 mph. Fast-pitch requires the pitcher to pitch the ball at a faster speed so warranting more bunting, slapping, or single-run hits.

Why ASA is Important for Softball Bats

When playing any sport, each league, team, or school-associated sport must be under some sort of association or league. This is due so each game can be played within the national regulations for playing softball. Also, extracurricular travel softball teams can compete with other teams around the country under the organization’s name.

For softball, there are a few organizations that are nationally recognized, one of them being the Ametuer Softball Association or ASA. This organization is the national governing body for the entire sport of softball.

ASA manages all US national and Junior Olympic softball team programs in addition to the Softball Hall of fame. All in all, the ASA is a very important organization to the sport of softball. So, this national governing body of softball sets requirements for certain equipment to be used in each game.

This more importantly holds true to softball bats. Not every softball bat you can find is going to be ASA-certified. An ASA softball bat must not be any longer than 34 inches long and must not exceed 38 ounces in weight. A softball bat that falls under the ASA regulations shouldn’t be any larger than 2.250 in diameter at its largest part, as well.

It’s important to keep these metrics in mind when searching for a new softball bat for yourself or your child. If you or your child uses a bat that is not allowed in an ASA tournament or game, the bat or the player could be disqualified.

But no worries, it won’t be hard to search for an ASA softball bat with the help of HeadBanger Sports. Every single one of their softball bats is ASA, USSSA, NSA, SSUSA, ISF, and ISA approved. By heading over to, you can find your favorite sports brands with ease.

Choose HB Sports

Are you a seasoned softball player looking for an ASA softball bat that will measure up to your standards? Check out what HB Sports has to offer. Their high-quality baseball and softball sports equipment is sure to meet all of your athletic equipment needs. Their great selection of slowpitch softball bats and all the popular brand names you love are available at

If you have any questions, give them a call at 1-800-540-2287 and they will be more than happy to answer any softball-related inquiries you may have. Their dedication to customer service is what makes them the best sporting equipment website for everything baseball and softball.

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