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New Balance Cleats to Turf Shoes: Geared for Performance

New Balance Cleats to Turf Shoes: Geared for Performance

No two players have the same exact needs or preferences in equipment. For some players, especially those who play on grass, cleats are more valuable, whereas, for others, turf shoes are more practical and effective for making quick moves and plays.

However, regardless of the design that you end up using, you’ll be in good hands with a trusted manufacturer like New Balance. Whether you go with New Balance cleats, turf shoes, or just a pair of slides for the locker room or lounging around, every aspect of the shoe will be built with performance in mind. Here’s what you can expect from their footwear.

New Balance Cleats: Better by Design

For players that practice or play on actual grass, it’s hard to beat the traction that a good pair of cleats can afford you. When it comes to unmatched traction and maneuverability, a pair of New Balance cleats are going to be hard to beat.

While the value of cleats for traction on soft or wet ground is self-evident, some of the value adds of New Balance Cleats are only evident with a deep dive into their features. Check out some of these unique features and traits of the NB Cleats we offer here on our website.

  • Unmatched comfort, rebound, and protection against fatigue: The New Balance Youth Molded Junior Cleats that you can find right here are made with special insoles to enhance their comfort, provide rebound and protect against fatigue. They’re made with lightweight ethylene-vinyl acetate midsoles, which are better known by their more common name, EVA. Unassuming and easy to produce, EVA is a humble hero when it comes to comfortable, supportive footwear.

EVA is naturally resistant to losing its shape, which means it won’t deform or compress unduly even during long hours on your feet. It’s also naturally soft and springy, which will keep you comfortable while at the same time providing for a certain level of rebound. Rebound is the energy that gets directed from your footwear back into your frame and is basically “not wasted” during running or walking. That’s just one of the ways New Balance cleats pair lightweight form with next-level comfort.

  • Tough synthetic construction: The same New Balance Cleats are also made with tough, durable synthetic construction, that unlike natural materials doesn’t need extra care to stay strong and reliable for the long haul. Their synthetic nubuck uppers require almost no maintenance other than the odd periodic cleaning, are light and impressively strong. A pair of these NB cleats could last you for many seasons of hard play and practice. Unlike real nubuck leather which is heavy, absorbent, and finicky, these synthetic uppers will take a licking and keep on kicking.
  • A design that stays cool and is breathable: Nothing is worse than a pair of shoes that gets soggy and won’t dry off. There are two potential problems with a shoe’s design. Either it is not breathable, causing the shoe to get waterlogged or wet with sweat at which point it won’t easily dry out, or it is breathable but the material hangs onto moisture anyway. Neither of these conditions is favorable to comfort.

Luckily, the New Balance Youth Molded Junior Cleats we feature here are made with synthetic uppers that are made with what is called “strategic perforations.” That’s a fancy way of saying that their design is intended to keep you dry and cool. Perforations in the synthetic upper are optimally placed to dissipate heat and allow moisture buildup to evaporate, keeping you cool and dry even in the most pressing conditions.

  • Keep your laces out of the way: Few things are worse than shoelaces that get in the way at the most inopportune times, and let’s face something: Is there an opportune time for laces to get in your way?

These New Balance Cleats are made with a lace cage to tuck your laces into so they’ll stay well out of your way when you’re fielding or rounding the bases. It’s a saving grace for any player who didn’t notice that there was just a little too much lace spilling over the top of the shoe until it was too late. Just tuck them in and get back to playing.

New Balance Turf Shoes: Traction and Comfort

Admittedly, cleats are not ideal for all situations. Turf, which is not quite as prone to become waterlogged and slippery as real ground is, can still get quite slick under adverse conditions. However, turf is also prone to damage from cleats and some fields prohibit practicing on and playing on them in cleats. This is where the real value of an unsung-hero becomes evident: a good pair of turf shoes. Unsurprisingly, New Balance is just as well known for the impressive ergonomics and comfort of their turf shoes as they are for their cleats. Here are some of the value-boosts you can expect from the New Balance turf shoes at HB Sports.

  • Impressive traction: Traction is tops in athletic footwear, almost regardless of the sport you play. Your ability to make plays and respond to changing conditions during a game will be heavily impacted by the performance of your footwear, and New Balance turf shoes offer responsiveness and aggressive traction like you’ve never seen. Check out the tread on the New Balance Men’s Baseball and Softball Turf Shoes that we offer. Extremely aggressive, textured tread with tons of surface area and contact points guarantee excellent grip in a range of conditions and enable lightning-fast maneuvers and plays.
  • Feel like you’re walking on air: New Balance turf shoes may offer excellent traction and tread patterns, but they’re also defined by their comfort, fit and ergonomic designs. The same New Balance turf shoes are made with FRESH FOAM cushioning, that like EVA, is extremely lightweight and comfortable. It molds to your contours, absorbing impact and redirecting energy, resulting in a feel you need to experience to truly understand. Light, extremely tough and groundbreakingly comfortable, and supportive, a pair of New Balance turf shoes like these might be just the thing your game is missing.
  • Designed for agility: In addition to the FRESH FOAM cushioning that makes these shoes so comfortable, these NB turf shoes are also made with supportive uppers that cushion and support your foot without feeling intrusive. This remarkable fit, known as a “locked-in fit” gives you unprecedented ability to make sharp maneuvers and adjustments on the field. Are your current shoes just not providing you with that level of stability and responsiveness? It might be high time to upgrade to a pair of New Balance turf shoes.
  • Stay cool in the heat: These shoes are also made with New Balance’s customary perforated uppers so they’ll keep you dry even in the heat of the defining game of the season. Better yet, they’re also made with synthetics that are not absorbent like some natural materials and will dry off more readily after a game. This makes the shoes more comfortable while you’re actually playing in them and gets them ready to hit the field again after you let them dry between games in a tournament or after practice.
  • Alternative Midsole options for advanced performance: Other New Balance turf shoes, like the New Balance Men’s Turf Playoff Pack, are engineered with different features for innovative performance enhancements. For example, these turf shoes are made with a REVlite midsole, that like EVA is light, strong, and supportive - but even lighter, by up to 30%.

Other Comfort-Based Options

In case you were wondering, New Balance is committed to quality as a brand, and that doesn’t end with their expressly athletic footwear like their cleats and turf shoes. Here at HB Sports, we believe that type of comfort and performance should follow you around everywhere; not just on the field.

That’s why we offer additional New Balance footwear here on our site! Check out some of these additional highlights from our collection while you’re here!

New Balance Men’s FRESH FOAM Hupo’o Slides: Comfort is king with New Balance footwear, and you won’t be disappointed in a pair of slides like these. Wear them in the locker room for a break or just lounge around the house and you can enjoy the following features:

  • Tough, yet comfortable synthetic uppers: Nothing has the potential for low-maintenance durability as a well-selected synthetic, and these slides are made with the best of the best. The uppers are made from a tough synthetic material that is over-molded so you can get that custom-feeling fit that won’t fail you - and you can get used to comfort that will last for seasons.
  • Molded, FRESH FOAM footbed: The contoured footbed of these shoes is precision-molded for uncommon comfort that you have to feel to believe. Made with light, plush, supportive FRESH FOAM, these shoes will have you feeling your most comfortable whenever you unwind, which is exactly what you need.
  • Enhanced outsole for better traction: Alright, so you won’t be fielding hits in these shoes, but you still don’t want to feel like you’re slip-sliding all over the place, even when you wear slides. These shoes are made with strategically placed rubber pods so you’ll get a grip, even when you’re at your most comfortable.

New Balance Men’s 200 Slides: Need a pair of shoes that are comfortable yet durable and won’t break the bank? How about a pair of slides that you’ll swear are worth three or four times what you ended up paying for them? That’s exactly the kind of comfort you get from a pair of shoes like the New Balance Men’s 200 Slides, along with, of course, the following:

  • Unparalleled cushioning: These slides are made with plush cushioning that provides for unmatched comfort and cushioning. Designed to provide you with anti-fatigue support, these slides are deceptively simple and comfortable. You can wear them for hours and you’ll feel like you’re walking on air.
  • Tough construction: Despite their impressive comfort-boosting features, they’re made with a relatively tough construction as well, with a rubber outsole and synthetic upper that will last for many seasons. They’re not just tough - they’ll provide you with great traction, especially for a pair of slip-on shoes.
  • Convenience: Unwind after your next session without working harder. Just get out of your cleats or gym shoes and slip into a pair of slides that will cushion and support you!
  • Your choice of color or pattern: Additionally, these New Balance slides are available in a wide range of colors and patterns, if that sort of thing matters to you. Looking to show off your brand pride? Does a classic camo pattern suit you well? Then make it happen.

Striving for Perfection

Though these traits naturally vary according to the nature of the footwear in question, is it very like New Balance to engineer their shoes for performance and comfort. If there’s something that they can do to make a pair of shoes more comfortable, more supportive, or more agile, then you can bet they’re going to find a way to do it. That’s one of the reasons that New Balance is such an enduring name in sports. If you need a pair of comfortable shoes for working out, practicing, or playing, you can hardly go wrong with a pair of New Balance shoes.

Get in Touch with Us

Still have questions about our New Balance products? Want specific product recommendations or professional insight before you make a purchase? That’s understandable - and we’re here to help.

Give us a call at 1-888-540-BATS anytime you feel you could use the insight of a professional before you go ahead with a purchase that could follow you around for the next few seasons. Besides, you should play with the gear and apparel that best suits your natural talents, and we’ll help you find it.

Speaking of that, in the event you’re here looking for something other than new cleats or other footwear, don’t be a stranger anyway. We’ll help you pick out the perfect baseball bat, settle on a new fielding glove, or identify the best gear bag - whatever you need!

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