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DeMarini Bats Pair Innovation with Performance

DeMarini Bats Pair Innovation with Performance

DeMarini is one of those names that produce bats and other equipment for baseball as well as for both fastpitch and slowpitch softball. DeMarini, which consequently is one of the largest names in baseball and softball, owns quite a number of patents for the innovative features of its bats’ designs.

If you’re looking around to boost your performance this upcoming spring season, you’re right on time. Training will begin soon, even though it’s still the middle of winter for most of us. Those who want to up their game with a new bat will not be disappointed by DeMarini bats, which boast of some of the following features.

Better Barrels

Whether you’re after a DeMarini baseball bat, a DeMarini slowpitch bat, or a DeMarini fastpitch bat, you’re likely to come across some of the most highly-engineered bat barrels in the game with the DeMarini logo stuck on them. Their bats’ barrels are made with some of the following technological advancements:

  • X14 Alloy Barrels: All the strength and indestructibility of an alloy barrel with next-level performance and a killer sweet spot. It’s perfect for power hitters.
  • Paraflex Plus Composite Barrels: Need a huge sweet spot and consistent performance that’s typical of a composite barrel? DeMarini bats have your back.
  • Continuous Fiber Barrel Wall Construction: Nothing’s tougher or affords better compressibility than DeMarini’s Continuous Fiber Barrel Construction. You know what compressibility means - serious rebound power for amazing power through the swing.
  • DoubleWallTM Gapped Barrel Technology: Some DeMarini bats are also made with their DoubleWallTM Gapped Barrel Technology, which increases sensitivity while increasing compressibility. They’re also impressively strong and tough.

Better Grips

Superior barrel construction isn’t the only thing that sets DeMarini bats apart from the competition. They’re also made with better grips that in many cases improve sensitivity and responsiveness. On any given DeMarini model you may find:

  • 3Fusion Handles: DeMarini’s 3Fusion handles are stiff enough to provide excellent feel and sensitivity - but free of the plague of stiff handles that is painful, stinging vibration.
  • ZnX Alloy Handles: The ZnX alloy handles that you can find on some DeMarini bats have prioritized stiffness because it does more than provide excellent sensitivity and feedback. It also enables the batter to drive more power into the swing.
  • Paraflex Plus Composite Handles: Just stiff enough so that it doesn’t compromise sensitivity, a Paraflex Plus Composite handle significantly cuts back on painful feedback and vibrations - especially those caused by mishits.

Better End Caps

All the way at the other end of the bat from the handle, many bats made by DeMarini have superior end cap technology which enables them to deliver better performance and transfer more energy to the ball - resulting in more powerful hits that send the ball farther.

  • 3Fusion End Caps: Some bats bearing the DeMarini name are made with 3Fusion End Caps that are designed to optimize weight control and performance. The purpose of an end cap is to concentrate and direct energy while it manages weight; these are highly refined to that end.
  • ReAction End Caps: The ReAction end cap that you’ll find on some bats is designed with a specific purpose in mind - to manage weight and enable a faster swing speed without adversely affecting performance. Whenever you lighten a bat, you’re taking some of the power out of it, but with the right end cap, you can restore some of it.
  • Refract End Caps: Like the ReAction end cap, the Refract end cap is designed to enable higher swing speeds without diminishing bat performance.

Better Multi-Piece Designs

Finally, as it concerns bats that are made with a multi-piece design, the manner in which they’re all joined together will impact their performance.

Regardless of the style of design a multi-piece DeMarini bat has, it's going to be expertly joined to extract every drop of performance from the design. While one-piece bats have been long known to have excellent stiffness, flex, and feel through the handle, some multi-piece bat designs have struggled to catch up.

That’s not the case with DeMarini. Their bats, including their softball and baseball bats, are joined to capitalize on excellent weight distribution and feel throughout the handle of the bat. Some of them are optimized for stiffness and flex, with the perfect balance of the two. In some situations, the connections improve sensitivity while diminishing unpleasant vibrations.

Just Better

All in all, DeMarini makes bats that are, simply put, just better. Without parsing the elements, their bats contain features that stand alone for quality and innovation; whether you’re going after a bat with composite construction or an alloy bat, if it bears the name DeMarini, you can be confident that heaps of consideration, research, and testing went into its development.

If you ever need any help settling on that next perfect bat for the upcoming season, don’t be shy about getting in touch with us here at HB Sports. You can reach us at 1-888-540-BATS anytime you need us. We’d love to field your question and send you on your way with a new piece of gear that will get you excited to get back to practice.

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