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Calling All Coaches: Don’t Forget These Items Next Game!

Calling All Coaches: Don’t Forget These Items Next Game!

When you are a baseball or softball coach headed to a big game, you know how irksome it is to ensure every piece of equipment is present and ready to go. An added frustration to this already frustrating circumstance is when players forget some of their most important gear at home.

That is why, as a coach, you need to take on the responsibility of making sure that you have everything that both you and your players need in your coach’s bag (or, really, bags)-- and that most certainly includes extra gear for those who “forgot” their beloved glove or bat.

Let’s go over the most vital essentials you need in your coach’s bag so your team can take the field with confidence and, therefore, heighten the chances of a big win.


Let’s be frank: you can’t “play ball” without the ball! Bring plenty of extra baseballs that are the chosen ball for your league along with you. Baseballs so often get knocked out of play, get soaked in water, or even get irreparably dinged! Having extras nearby is always a great idea.

Players cannot enter the batter’s box without wearing a helmet. Make sure that you have several extras of different sizes so that everyone has a chance to smack the ball around– even those who left their own helmet at home.

Without a bat, your player will go from “batter up” to “batter, sit down.” Have a few bats in tow when heading to any game to make sure any of those that somehow left their offensive partner in crime elsewhere have something to use.

Catcher’s Gear
It’s no secret that the catcher’s position is one of the most dangerous positions in the game, which means it requires numerous pieces of equipment to get the job done efficiently and safely. It’s easy for your catcher to leave one of the many gear necessities for their position, like a shin guard or even their chest protector, behind. Carrying an extra set of catcher’s gear with you could really come in handy if (and when) that happens.

Training Gear

Pocket Radar

pocket radar

While your players are on the diamond, you never stop doing your primary job: studying your players closely to find ways to improve their gameplay. One way of doing this is by measuring the speed of your pitchers’ pitches, which can be accomplished with the help of a pocket radar.

By using a hands-free pocket radar, you can quickly and effectively measure various pitching speeds, then store these readings for later review whether by you or by your pitcher. Pocket radars are exceptionally easy to use, are accurate, and conveniently sized to save your bag room for other pieces of equipment.

Bat Weight
A batter should never step up to the plate cold and not having had warmed up their swing. While they wait in the on-deck circle, they may want to take a couple of practice cuts. However, these cuts can be amplified in effectiveness and speed with the help of a bat weight.

Discretionary Training Gear
We admit that this point may seem a bit bland, but this is just as important as any other piece of training gear. You are a coach and you know which training accessories best assist you and your players. Bring along with you the ones that really stand out to you, like a hitting net, wiffle balls, training gloves, etc. Anything you feel your players need to succeed.

Healthful Necessities

First Aid
Anything can happen on the field. Be properly prepared to handle any minor injuries, like cuts, scrapes, and smaller aches and pain. Never, ever forget your first aid kit!

Cell Phone
We know you may want to leave your cell phone elsewhere in order to better focus on the game, but you should really have it on your person at all times in case of an emergency.

You should always bring a large quantity of water to every game, no matter the temperature outside. Your players should have an abundance of water to deter any possibility of dehydration. Apparel

Rain Jacket
Do you really want to be standing out in the rain at the first or third baseline? Guaranteed not, so be sure to bring a rain jacket with you no matter the weather forecast. Better safe than sorry (and soaked!).

Having dry towels around is certainly mandatory for drying off various pieces of equipment and other items, from bats, balls, hands, and even the plate! Dry towels aplenty will come in handy in numerous ways and moments– don’t forget them.

If the rain jacket isn’t doing enough for you in the pouring rain, trust an umbrella. This will not only protect you from the rain but also your clipboard and lineup!

When you’re looking to equip yourself with the best pieces of equipment, Coach, trust us here at HbSports to get the job done right. We have numerous pieces of equipment, from training materials like the pocket radar to offensive weaponry like baseball and softball bats. Call our dedicated customer service team today at 888-540-BATS to get started.

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