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The Importance of Bat Size and Weight When Buying a Bat Online

The Importance of Bat Size and Weight When Buying a Bat Online

Whether you’re playing softball or baseball, you’ll need a proper bat if you’re looking to start a new season or join a team. Luckily there are plenty of innovative, and sleek-looking bats available on our site from some of the finest brands. Even though all of the bats we offer are quality choices, deciding on the perfect one depends on a few different aspects.

When using our site, we want your online shopping experience to be as simple as possible. There are filters available for bat size, approval ratings, and other fields that make it easy to navigate while shopping for baseball equipment. When you find the right bat for you it will likely last you multiple seasons, especially if you choose the right one. Here are some important factors you should be aware of when picking out your next bat.

Approval Rating
Obviously, size is a major factor when choosing a bat. If you are buying a bat for little league, you’ll be looking for vastly different sizing options than if you were buying for an adult rec league. You can usually filter out many of the options just by knowing what league you are involved in. Each baseball or softball league has standards for bats that must be followed whether it be BBCOR, USSSA, or USA Bat.

Bat Length

Once you know the type of league you are buying your bat for you can use our convenient filters to phase out the other irrelevant league bats. Now that you are only able to see the properly approved bats, you can start thinking about the size you’ll need. At HB Sports, we have a bat sizing guide available to help you pick out the perfect size for you.

The first step is based on your height and weight, so measure and weigh yourself to determine the best bat size for you. At the bottom of the spectrum, you’d have someone that is around 3 feet tall and weighs 60 pounds or less. That person would use a bat that is about 26 inches in length. On the opposite end of the spectrum, you’d have someone that’s over 6 feet tall and weighs over 180 pounds. That person should be using a 34-inch bat. If you’re in between that range check out the chart to see the perfect size for you.

Barrel Size

When looking at barrel size for your bat, it’s important to go back to the league you’re playing and look at the league standard. Each league is different and you don’t want to purchase a baseball bat just to realize that the barrel is slightly bigger than the league allows.

For example, a BBCOR league requires that you use a bat with a barrel that is a diameter of no more than 2 inches. USSSA and fastpitch softball leagues generally have a standard of about 2 ¼ inches when it comes to the barrel size of the bat. A USA Bat league takes the maximum barrel diameter up a bit more with a 2 ⅝ inch maximum.

Bat Weight

It only makes sense that after figuring out the perfect bat length, you’d have to figure out the perfect bat weight. Luckily because most manufacturers have perfected the weight to length ratio that most people require, the bat’s weight is not as important as the bat’s length. It is mostly a matter of preference. Stronger and/or bigger players will usually prefer a heavier bat for a more powerful swing, while those that are smaller or newer to the game of baseball may prefer a lighter bat that allows a quicker swing.

One major attribute to think about when on the topic of bat weight is whether or not you want a more balanced bat or something that’s end loaded. Some bats like the 2021 Juno MR-1 USSSA Slowpitch Softball Bat come in both options. An end loaded bat essentially just has more weight shifted toward the end of the barrel, while balanced bats keep a balanced weight throughout. Which is better is always a topic for debate, but it really just comes down to playstyle, technique, and the one you prefer.

Bat Weight Drop

If you’d prefer, there is also a way to pick out a bat based on its weight drop. A baseball bat’s weight drop is its length in inches subtracted by its weight in ounces. So the greater the difference is between the length and weight, the higher the drop weight would be. Power is generally tied to a lower drop weight, while speed is tied to a higher drop weight. Just like with bat weight, a larger, stronger player is more likely to focus on power, while a smaller player will probably focus on speed.

After reading this simple guide, hopefully, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect bat size for your height, weight, and playing style. We have a variety of trustworthy and efficient brands with some of the most innovative baseball bats to choose from. Check out the amazing softball and baseball bats we have available.

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