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Softball Glove Sizing Guide

Softball Glove Sizing Guide

Whether you are just beginning your first year of softball or are a seasoned player, having the right size of glove is vital to your success. The better your fit, the more control you will have on the field while catching pop flies, grounding balls, and playing catch. Wearing a mitt fit to your position and hand size will help you find success while on the diamond. 

While it might seem as easy as picking the first one you see on the shelf, it isn’t quite that simple. If you have looked at a softball glove sizing chart, you know the options available are endless when it comes to sizes, brands, and special fits. This is because there are a variety of elements that make up a softball glove, and there is a wide variety of options to accommodate different hand sizes, positions played, play styles, as well as a lefty option for every variety. In order to get the right fit, you need to understand what you are looking for in a glove, consult a softball glove size chart, and keep in mind the positions you will be playing. Picking the right size is especially important in youth softball, as the wrong size can lead to bad habits, uncomfortable play, and a string of other issues that can lead to discouragement. 

Continue reading to find out what you need to look for in your next softball glove purchase.

Understanding gloves

Knowing what you are looking for in a glove is one of the most important factors in selecting the right fit.  Every element of a glove has a unique purpose, and knowing what parts of your glove are important to your position can help in your selection. Every glove consists of the bridge, web, pocket, heel pad, and palm. Once you know what’s what, you’re on to the next step. 

Finding the right size

The main factors in picking a glove size come down to age, position, and player preference. The main way the size of a mitt is determined is by measuring the distance from the top of the index finger down to the center of the heel. This number is displayed on the glove’s thumb or pinky finger, which can also be found in the product descriptions of each model.

The age of a player plays a major factor in the size they should select. When first playing the sport, softball players should have a smaller glove to help them develop good habits. We recommend 9” to 11.5” for players under the age of eight, 10” to 12” for players aged ten to fourteen, and 11” to 13” for players over fifteen.

Position also plays a major role in glove size. Specialty positions like catcher, pitcher, and first baseman need gear that supports their role on the field. A catcher’s glove is the most recognizable, and they come with the most padding of any glove. They also tend to hold a rounded shape to assist with catching pitches all game long. Pitcher’s mitts can be a little more versatile but should feature a deep pocket where they can control their grip. A small to medium-sized glove should work well for them.

First Base is a unique infield position where they need a larger glove that helps extend reach. Other infield positions should have a smaller-sized glove with a shallow pocket that helps field balls quickly with a more secure catch. Outfielders can have a larger glove that helps track down fly balls with ease. 

Player preference should play a role in your selection. For those who struggle with a certain style, it may be worth sizing up or down to assist your unique style of play. As long as size change doesn’t hinder your ability to play, slightly straying from the guidelines shouldn’t be an issue. 

Headbanger Sports has a wide selection of softball gloves from the industry’s best brands. Shop our collection today to find the softball gear you need to succeed this season.

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