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Becoming a Sales Rep and the Pros and Cons


What does it take to become a sales rep?...  You must make a killing doing this!..... How can I get product here locally to sell, I play league every night of the week man!..... 

I have been asked these questions so many times, I literally have nearly stopped responding.  Never have I truly had a good explanation or answer to give them.  As I stumbled into this gig as a "sales rep" for a local company and never really had a good understanding of why people wanted to do this.  Rarely did I play Slow Pitch before, honestly my resume consisted of

  • The "way to good for you attitude" Sunday Rec Coed League locally full of the Type A Typical Tournament players mixed with families who just wanted to have fun on a Sunday Afternoon Together.  Don't you dare accidentally go middle on their pitcher, because the entire world will end.  If you dare beat the greatest CPEP COED Team in a Saturday BENEFIT Tournament they will try and kill your buddy the next day on the rubber.
  • Random League nights at the cliche' softball fields full of over priced Full Sub jerseys for Thursday Leagues, and men who think they're playing in the MLB the way they carry themselves.  
  • The every other weekend because we're going to sponsor a team hoping to put together a World Series in a year team.  While fun and full of friends, drinking and extra curricular's DO NOT win you ball games.  We were the team that the 3-0 headed into a 3 hour break waiting for the sit back game in the EXTRA low E division would be the best thing in the world...  For the Other Teams!  (Insert Drunk Guy Falling over Meme Here)

I stumbled into this crazy world of Slow Pitch Softball accidentally, a friend asked couple of other buddies from work to play Church League.  My love for baseball hit my stomach again and again until I weaseled my way onto the team and thought thats all it was.  After a few games, I began searching for local leagues and found a Co-Ed team (yes the one above) Realized then Baseball was nothing like Softball !  After one tournament a buddy and I decided we needed our own bat, get added to a few "softball BOOK pages" and meet a local guy who hooks me!  I'm a SUCCESS driven, 24/7 type of guy.  I find something I enjoy and can profit from and run with it.  Quite a bit this gets me in trouble as I tend to go overboard quite a bit. (especially when I had no obligations back when)  Ever since those days 4 years ago, I have lived with a phone in my hand or computer in lap day in and day out   The endless questions through messenger, posts on one of the largest and best ran Pages on THE BOOK to monitor, or phone calls to be answered.  Pick one, pick two, or all of them.  Each with the over baring feeling of endless communication all for the satisfaction of not the money.... nope, it was always the satisfaction of finalizing that Sale.

Three years of making excuses to why I had to be on my phone all the time was ended last year.  Receiving an oppurtunity to leave the Rep thing behind and move into a partnership.  Hours and Hours of pushing products for other companies and not being appreciated as we were just a number... gone.  Now its hours and hours of time after my 10 hour day at work, baseball practices, and Family Time....

if you asked if it was worth it?...would I do it again? .... Absolutely.  Have met some of whom I consider my best friends in this what we will now consider in light Gray Quotations "TRADE."  Have done an excellent job supporting my family with extra money, and Uncle Sam for the ones who don't.

My Recommendations: 

  • Deal Locally or with someone that will allow you to do local business
  • Sell at the fields!  The internet and BOOK world is over crowded and tends to get more and more cut throat every year.  M.A.P. policy saves a lot of people, but companies are headed away from this to eliminate these issues. 
  • If you do not know the product, tell the truth.  So many customers come to me and ask my opinion on bats.  If I don't know the answer, I find the right one.  Selling to people and giving them false information will kill your reputation and not bring a customer back to you.  Always been willing to lose a sale to keep a customer. 
  • Get your name out there locally and work hard for your local area.  Tournaments, leagues, baseball and softball organizations.  THE BOOK is not the only market and people miss to many sales focusing on the wrong markets. 


Good luck in your new venture, or you're welcome for deterring you from the endless black hole of bat sales!  Either way, wish you good luck and your support as always. 



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  • Christopher Bastien
Comments 2
  • John Folk
    John Folk

    Hi I just received my son bat . I have to say after having three sons playing baseball and 1daughter playing softball 25 years later I go d a baseball company that is fantastic response I will use no one else from now on put great job headbanger sports thank John folk

  • Willie Ellis
    Willie Ellis

    I am very interested in becoming a Miken rep for the panhandle area of Florida. I play senior softball in Florida Half Century association, where most players swing Mikens. You can reach me at this email or 850-345-7850

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